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#Harry when there’s a sale on bananas. #Harry when there is a child. #Harry when Louis needs something. #Harry when Louis wants something. #Harry when Louis wants him. (x)




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Maybe you could date the coyote.

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Confused, the king shook his head. “Rhaegar…”

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"Lydia centric season my ass"

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make me choose: allisnsarrows asked me scallison or allydia?

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"he said: i am the devil, boy
come with me and we’ll make many storms."

— angus and julia stone, the devil’s tears (via mythandrists)

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The continuing saga of Parrish and Lydia staring at each other.

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say no to boys, say yes to guacamole

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can you show us your character’s personality in one facial expression?

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Ygritte Appreciation Week
↳ Day 6: Favourite quote(s) or line(s) -
The gods made the earth for all men t’ share. Only when the kings come with their crowns and steel swords, they claimed it was all theirs. “My trees,” they said, “you can’t eat them apples. My stream, you can’t fish here. My wood, you’re not t’ hunt. My earth, my water, my castle, my daughter, keep your hands away or I’ll chop ‘em off, but maybe if you kneel t’ me I’ll let you have a sniff.” You call us thieves, but at least a thief has t’ be brave and clever and quick. A kneeler only has t’ kneel.

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